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36 port Charging Station AC 240V AU plug only

36 port Charging Station AC 240V AU plug only

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Eliminate the utter chaos of entangled wires and haphazardly placed devices with this 36 port charging station that has 240V compatible power sockets.
It is ideal for classroom and workplace environments where multiple users would need to charge their devices from time to time. With this charging station, conveniently place your tablets or laptops in the secure slots and route their cables through the back holes before charging and keep things orderly.

Comfortably change the location of the charging station according to your requirements with the help of castor wheels that can also be locked once the setup is complete. Do not worry about the safety of your sophisticated gadgets either, as the station comes with lockable doors and built-in protection mechanisms to protect against overcurrent and voltage problems. This way, you can protect your gadgets easily against theft, as well as potential internal damages.

Key Highlights:
36 AC Ports of 240V for charging devices
Lockable doors
Castor wheels for easy movement
Over-current and Voltage protection
Programmable timer for remote charge cycles

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