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Artificial Moss Wall Covering 200cm x 50cm

Artificial Moss Wall Covering 200cm x 50cm

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Artificial moss mats /rolls are suitable for floral arrangements, decorations, troughs/planters, and covering any walls or surfaces.

200cm x 50cm in total size and around 2kg per roll.

Lush Green Artificial / Fake Moss Wall Covering (Moss Wall Capet)

A stunning product that provides a perfect solution for covering walls, wrapping around shapes or decorating your exhibition stand or shop.

The product is made with decorative moss on one side, with a black underlay. Please note that most moss can be super easily cut or bent to shape.

This is the perfect decoration for tables as a table runner, pillar decoration or wedding decoration. The super flexible nature of the moss allows it to bend around shapes, or you can simply cut this fake moss runner to shape.

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1 x Artificial Moss Wall Covering 200cm x 50cm

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