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Artificial Oak Leaves Faux Plant Leaves 63cm

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Imagine always having a fresh-looking evergreen vase full of bustling leaves without the cost or maintenance. These faux leaves look so real you can almost smell them. Perfect as an artificial green wall insert as well.

These are a stunning artificial leaf / faux branch that has delicate yet superb green real touch leaves. Imaging having a superb floral bouquet with long faux oak leaves adorning your vase or pot. These are the perfect floral inserts for any space and look fantastic in groups of 3-5 branches.


Length: 63cm
Weight: 100grams
Cleaning: a gentle wipe will suffice

Note: Please note this listing is for a single faux oak leaf branch (the 3rd picture shows how great they look in clusters)

Package Content:

1 x Artificial Oak Leaves Faux Plant Leaves 63cm