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Classic Chrome Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom

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This chrome Toilet Paper Holder adds instant class and elegance to any bathroom. It is perfect for the individual renovation and for the house contractor alike.

This toilet paper holder has a brilliant chrome finish. A simple hook design keeps the toilet paper on the holder without the need for a spring roller. A modern sleek design is built to last and updates any bathroom.

Overall dimensions are 148 x 117.5mm; length from base plate: 53mm; and, length from base plate to unit: 68mm. Installation instructions and all the hardware you need are included.

The Chrome Toilet Paper Holder adds exceptional style to your bathroom and at a reasonable cost. Order today!


Brilliant chrome finish

Modern elegance

Simple design

Installation hardware included

User's Manual


Dimensions: 148 x 117.5mm

Length from base plate: 53mm

Length from base plate to unit: 68mm

GW: 0.397

Box size: 13*9*16

Package Content:

1 x Classic Chrome Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom