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Everfit 160cm Barbell Dumbbell Bar Set Weight Pair Home Gym Exercise Fitness

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Time to get tough. And our Barbell and Dumbbell 2-in-1 Bar is the right deal if you are looking to boost those triceps, biceps and shoulders. Or lose some unwelcomed fat. Whatever is your game, our Barbell and Dumbbell 2-in-1 bar lets you strengthen and tone those muscles in pleasing style. The innovative design allows for two combinations of use modes, as a barbell or dumbbell bar, to suit your workout requirements. You can easily add or reduce the weight plates (not included) and rotate the weight plates holder to lock into the dumbbell handles. The non-slip handle offers optimal gripping surface and the safety lock feature ensures the weight plates stay securely in place for safe workouts. Plus, with a foam-wrapped barbell bar, it brings more comfort to your workouts.

Note:Weight plates are not included

Barbell and dumbbell 2-in-1 bar
Non-slip dumbbell handle
Foamed barbell bar
25mm diameter bar
4 safety locks
Detachable design
Easy to assembly and store

Material: Steel coated in plastic + foam
Weight: 2.55kg
Barbell mode Length: 160cm
Dumbbell mode length: 45cm
Diameter: 25mm
Weight capacity: 50kg
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages: 1

Package Content
1 x Everfit 2-in-1 Barbell & Dumbbell Bar