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Modern Contemporary Upholstered Fabric Platform Bed Base Frame Queen Beige

Modern Contemporary Upholstered Fabric Platform Bed Base Frame Queen Beige

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Product descriptions are usually just so full of themselves, aren’t they? They are like that one obnoxious friend human thing that you just can’t stand their narcissistic ass for more than a few minutes. They talk and talk and talk only about themselves; always trying to tell you why they are the freakin best. And then they try to sell you stuff on top! Oh, the nerve! We’d never do any such thing. No such thing ever.
Say friend, have you heard the word on this Leafy Bedframe business? I hear it’s quite something! I was casually talking to a co-worker and she said “going Leafy” was the best ever decision of her entire leaf life (I’ll show myself out). Millennials these days man… they got a trendy word for everything.
Say though, friend. This whole Leafy Bedframe business looks like something to explore, yeah? They also say it has:
A unique headboard that looks great and keeps your back super comfortable. Work or play, you’ll make headway.
Made with solidwood legs, meaning it is built to outlast a Nokia.
Flaunts bentwood slats that give an irresistible curvature to its high quality wood. Think sexy.
Great design overall that makes the Leafy Bedframe inside out.
Uhhh… why do I have a specs sheet and bullet points listing every Leafy quality, you ask? Well… it’s because… I care about you! I care about where you’re gonna be sleeping every day of your life, dear friend. Don’t wanna be seeing you buying a bed with a cheap ass wood job or an overly expensive water bed or something now, yeah? Right-o, right-o! I just care a lot about your furniture choice man. It’s just sooo important.

Queen Dimension: 218L x 161W x 117H
Color: Beige
Frame Material: Solid Plywood
Upholstery Material: Linen Fabric
Slat Material: Solid Bentwood
Assembly: Required
Warranty: 1 Year

Package Content:
1 X Leafy Bed Frame
1 X Assembly Instruction

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