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Shower Bath Mixer Diverter Tap WATERMARK Approved Electroplated Matte Black

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If you're gathering products for a bathroom renovation, a must-have item is the Della Francesca Shower Mixer/Diverter with an electroplated matte black finish! This classic mixer/diverter combination is affordable, and Della Francesca is known for their quality products.

This Shower Mixer/Diverter comes with a timeless rounded design, and the matte black finish ensures it will blend seamlessly into many existing decors like it was meant to be there from day one! It is easy to operate, and you won't have to worry about compliance issues with this product. It comes WaterMark certified, ensuring that your purchase meets Australia's requirements for water efficiency, health, and safety.

This mixer/diverter comes made with a solid brass construction, so you can rest assured it will last for years after the original installation. The electroplated matte black finish only adds to this durability.

Della Francesca's Shower Mixer/Diverter is the perfect accessory to include in your next bathroom remodel. If you're a contractor and you want a product that is certified, then this mixer/diverter meets all your needs.

Don't delay! Order your own Della Francesca Shower Mixer/Diverter today!


  • Brass Construction
  • Electroplated Matte Black Finish
  • Timeless Rounded Design
  • WaterMark Certified

Package Content:

1 x Shower Bath Mixer Diverter Tap WATERMARK Approved Electroplated Matte Black